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It's the 19 May 2009.....

....I am in a really strange mood. I remember the last time we kissed. It's painfull to let you go everytime, even If I know that we won't actually part. Our minds and hearts are connected. But still it's painfull, when I have to abstain your warmth.

Yesterday we looked at eathother in the dark, but I could see you, while I felt your warmth around me. 

Almost painfully my heart ached, seeing you with your eyes on mine and teling me so much more than I've ever hoped for.

I love you, slipped out of my mouth painfully. Painfully because it's the complete truth and also because ever these words are not powerfull enough to express my feelings. I've never been good with words, bu you understand me anyhow.

I just love watching you sleep, your eyes with these long eyeslashes closed, your silent breath and your arms searching for me when I move.

Sometimes I just wake up and you look at me, a smile and a kiss on my forehead.

Our story is so unbelieveable that I still can't trsut my eyes when I see you.

2-3- month ago I stared at you from the distanz, and thinking that you'll stay as far away from me.

The first time you looked at me, my heart stopped, I pointed at my self with my pinky because I was unsure if you ment me. You laughed because of the pinkypointing buisness. Your eyes were so beautiful. Your smile also. 

After that my heart finally really knew what to do and my head decided to write down my phone number.

On the same evening you wrote me. on the same night we wrote for 4 hours. And after that I knew that I've found you. You the one I've cursed because I couldn't find you, the one I've cryed for because I was lonely, the one I've loved before I knew where you were. 

It's still unbelieveable. It's like we've lived for eathother all the years to collect experience and to know lonelyness to be perfect foreachother.
You had to return from Canada to be found by me. No wonder I had the feeling that you couln't be found anywhere here.


Now your part of my little world, you came in changed it and made it lifeworthy again. Thanl you me love.

19.5.09 14:13


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