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For the Days I will Remember..

I'm sitting here.

Listing to Dallas singing silently, the song that reminds me of the day it all began.

I can't seem to remember how I was before the day called "welcome back, flower".

I guess I was lonely, unloved, selfdestructive, illminded, and sad.

I was always thinking "where are you?". My heart  knew who you were but my head could figure where you were.

And in the end I couldn't find you because you went away, unreachable for me.

I guess thats the reason why I'm feeling like the sky came a bit nearer now.


Aitai.Aitai...thats what I'm thinking.

'cause I wouldn't give you up, for anything, because your the only one in this whole world who understands me, who is fine when I'm just myself, who isn't afraid to let sadness go when I'm around, who takes my hand while people are around, even If you don't like it, when I'm afraid of something, who lookes at me and I know that you love me, who makes me cry out of Happieness, who heals my heart slowly with only your smiles, who makes me think that your the most beautiful thing that exists in my world in everyway I can think about.


I'm tierd of running, but If it's for you I'll do it, my love.

13.4.09 11:37


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