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Kings of Leon-Revelry

I feel like that song.

I don´t mean the lyrics but the mood of the melody.

I´m again at the point of being slightly resignated.

It seems like my love doens´t share the same affection for me like I do for him.

He´s maling excuses for not seeing me.

I should be thinking that he deserves a little bit rest, but I can´t because the way he looks at me changed, the way he treats me changed, and he doesn´t pay any attention to me anymore.

Maybe it´s all a mess inside my ill brain that wants pain but I told myself that I will listen to my heart, but since I dunno when I can´t feel it at hurts.

And I hoped that it would get better but, thats not the way things work out in my world.

I don´t want this. I don´t want to hurt no more, i don´t want to look at you and feel that you feel cold, i don´t want to think "ok this was it  right!?", i don´t wantr you to say "i love you" when I don´t feel it.

You know tomorrow would have been very precious to me, watching togeather with you the fireworks, because I remember me standing alone there 2 years ago, crying because I was alone, and I really looked forward to us watching it together this year... but it seems like I´m the only one who feels that way also I will be the only one standing there once again...alone, and I don´t even have our necklace anymore because I left it at your place....I just don´t know where I went wrong..




12.6.09 20:46


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